Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What Is the 1,000 Knitters Project?

1,000 Knitters is a long-term photography project undertaken by Chicago photographer (and knitter) Franklin Habit, who blogs at The Panopticon. The goal is to celebrate through portraiture a creative community whose members have historically been either overlooked or sentimentalized, and whose work is often undervalued.

In the series, self-identified knitters are photographed singly while at work on the same wool scarf.

The first knitter cast on in May, 2007. As of July 31, 2008, 946 knitters have taken part.

The final format of the work is yet to be determined. Possibilities include a book and/or a gallery exhibition. Showings of the work-in-progress will likely take place online.

Knitters interested in participating should click here for further information.